Some Necessary Weight Loss Hacks For a Happy Healthy Life

Gaining too much weight lately? Can’t fit in your favorite party dress? Lazy enough to workout? Can’t break up with your diet routine or food choices? But, need to lose weight faster? Are there any tricks to lose weight fast and yet not starve yourself?

There are so many questions that pop in your mind the moment you look at yourself in the mirror. The supermodel-like body is now turning into a potbelly. Oops! Maintaining a perfectly shaped body with the pre-determined measurements may be or can be attained by only a few people and not everyone wishes to have that kind of a body, but definitely, everyone wishes to have a healthy and fit body.

You must read the complete article if you’re looking for some easy and reliable weight loss hacks. From skimping on junk food to drinking healthy detox drinks, you’ll find some cool stuff here that you can use while at home, office or even when you’re off for a vacation.

Let’s get started!

Weight Loss Hacks – For a Healthy And Fit Body

Stay Hydrated

The simplest way to burn calories without juggling between high-intensity workouts is to drink ample water or other health drinks. Make sure you refrain from using processed or packed juices that may contain an excess of sugar.

Water is considered as an appetite suppressant, so when you drink water your hunger pangs will be satisfied and you will stay away from junk food. Consuming half a gallon of water daily is the best weight loss hacks that you can easily try.

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Chew The Food

This is a pretty simple one. You should always remember to chew the food rather than just swallowing it. This act of chewing is not only good for your digestive system but also helps to satiate your taste buds.

Mindless eating while watching TV can really hamper your digestion process and cause excessive weight gain. Chewing food slowly will also make you feel fuller and satisfied and your portion size will decrease automatically.

Stop Eating Soda And Junk Food

Aerated drinks contain huge amounts of sugar that accumulate as fat in your body. Regular consumption of such soda drinks can lead to weight gain. You should also stay away from junk foods like pizzas, burgers, chips, etc. and processed foods.

While at work keep some nuts or fruits handy. So whenever you’re hungry you’ll be stocked with just healthy food to munch. Drink water or fruit juices instead of soda.

Use A Smaller Plate

When you fill a large plate with your favorite foods, it’s obvious you’ll end up eating lots. Larger portion size will definitely increase the number of calories you consume. Then, what’s the trick?

Take a smaller plate when you sit for supper. This tricks your mind that the is more food in the plate while you are simultaneously decreasing your serving size. It’s one of the smartest weight loss hacks that you should try.

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Sleep Well

Lack of sleep can create many help problems for you. After a stressful day, your body requires rest to boost the energy levels. Missing sleep or late night working can increase the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body thereby causing fatigue and making you hungrier.

Stress, physical or mental, is related to overeating. Thus getting enough sleep on the list of weight loss hacks for most of us.

Break-Up With Starchy Carbs

Want to slim down a size? Looking for ways you can reduce your weight? Then you must decrease the number of starchy carbohydrates you include in your diet. You should skip eating potatoes, fried foods, white rice and bread, and all processed foods.

Add fruits, veggies, and nuts to your plate for a nutritious meal. Studies show that a low-carb and low-fat diet is the best weight loss plan to follow.


Stress is a factor that often neglected in weight loss plan. Getting stressed increases the fat storage in your body. Plus you intend to snack more when stressed. This adds to the trauma. Relax and take a break to see the number go down on the weighing scale. Exercising daily is an effective way to de-stress yourself.

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Focus On Muscle Building

Many people are too excited that they exercise all week – treadmill and cross-fit training – amazing stuff, isn’t it? These cardio exercises are great but if you have no muscles they are no good to burn calories. The more muscle body you have higher will be your metabolic rate. Your body will burn out calories even on days you’re not working out.

Protein Shakes

Protein powders are a great source of food if you’re looking for some quick weight loss hacks. They are tasty as well as very good for your health routine. After a heavyweight training, you will burn calories but you require enough proteins in your post-workout meals to slow down muscle breakdown and help in regrowth of musculature.

You may consider carrying protein shakes to your outdoor trips so that you will not starve on the way and stay at bay from junk snack foods on the road.

Protein Shakes

If you are looking for weight loss hacks at the gym, you must definitely include weight training there. A correct balance of cardio and strength training will give you perfect body shape. Grab a set of dumbbells or use your own bodyweight (planks, lunges, push-ups) – they are all muscle-building exercises.

Treat Yourself

Following a strict diet or doing a lot of exercise for all days in the week can become too boring. This will make you crave for more pizzas, burgers, and sweets. The more you crave the more it is likely that you break your weight loss plan.

Channelize your eating habits and treat yourself once in a while. You can maybe reserve a cheat day in a month and indulge yourself in all calorie-loaded delicacies. Portion out your treats. This will motivate you to work out harder with determination.

Hope you have loved these life hacks for weight loss.

You can do it too!!

You and only you can motivate yourself to achieve your weight loss goals. Come on you fellas, go ahead and make it happen.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the trick to lose weight fast?

1) Avoid food contain carbohydrates
2) Include high protein food
3) Eat mostly unprocessed food
4) Eat lots of fiber
5) Include green tea or black coffee in diet.

What foods help burn belly fat?

1) Avocados
2) Yogurt
3) Chocolate Skim Milk
4) Berries
5) Whole Grains

What should one stop eating to lose weight?

1) Sugary Drinks
2) White Bread
3) Candy Bar
4) Most Fruit Juices
5) Pasteries

Does apple cider vinegar burn belly fat?

Yes, adding 1,2 teaspoons of apple cidar vinegar in your diet can help you loose fat.

Does lemon water slim you down?

Yes , Lemon water not only slim you down but also increases your metabolism.