Miraculous Onion – Health Benefits That You Must Know!

Onions are widely used in our kitchens daily. Indians have a tendency to add onions to their diet daily be it a scrumptious meal or in simple raw slice form. Onion bulbs belong to the Allium family of vegetables that include garlic, leeks, scallions, and chives also. The most common kitchen ingredient has the goodness and abundance of nutrient that helps you stay fit and healthy. Onions come in various species which taste from sweet to spicy to even pungent.

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Never mind if you have to be all in tears while cutting them; they are the once who ace up your system to fight against many diseases. There are many health and beauty benefits that you must know about.

Health Benefits of Onions

Here are some of the many mind-blowing health benefits of onions –

1. Builds Your Immunity

Onion has the abundance of vitamin C, antioxidants and phytochemicals that help build up your immunity. These chemicals remain intact when onions are in the raw form. Don’t care about the bad breath, which can be overcome easily with a mouth freshener.

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2. Antibacterial Properties

Various researchers and studies have proved the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities of onion. Since ages onions are used in the treatment of cold and flu. Consume freshly chopped onions to utilize these properties at its best. Leaving cut onions in open are a houseful of bacteria’s attracted from the surrounding! Be cautious.

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3. Treats Insect Bites

Apply ground onion paste on the insect bites to reduce the sting effects of the poisonous insect. Eating raw onion with salt also helps treating insect bites.

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4. Flawless Skin And Gorgeous Hair

The amount of vitamin C present in the onions is responsible for building up collagen in the body. The collagen aids in strengthening your hair reduces dandruff and hair fall problems. Applying juice of onion to the scalp twice a week will give you healthy hair. The collagen improves skin tone and reduces aging signs giving you flawless skin.

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5. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Onions contain chromium and biotin that provides many health benefits. A cup of onions has about 27% of biotin in it. Both these constituents aid in regulating insulin resistance in the body. Thus it regulates blood sugar levels effectively.

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6. Keeps Heart Healthy

Raw onions are rejoiced by many Indians with food? No meal can go with some slices of onion and pickle. It lowers the bad cholesterol in the body. The sulfur content present in onions acts as an anti-clotting agent. Thus the risk of clots in the vasculature is greatly reduced keeping your heart healthy!

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7. Providing For Good Sleep

Folate found in the onions alleviates your mood and reduces symptoms of depression. It also reduces homocysteine levels in the body that interferes with the sleep pattern and mood. Thus onions aid in improving sleep quality of an individual.

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Are you amazed with the ample benefits just a bulb of onion can offer? Use it raw, use its juice or apply it on your skin; onion is a miraculous food that’s available in abundance at very cheap rates in the markets. So say no to cosmetics and medicines! Daily dose of onions can cure most ailments!!