Laser Stretch Mark Removal- Is it a Hoax? Hidden Truth

Is laser stretch mark removal a hoax? Should you go for it? Find out the hidden truth!

There are many women who consider their stretch marks as a victory! And why not? The reasons behind their thinking are either childbirth or losing or gaining a healthy weight. But some of these women still blink while showing off the stretch marks and we totally understand you.

Sometimes the stretch marks are an unpleasant sight. Hence we have come up with this article about laser stretch mark removal just for you. Laser stretch mark removal is considered by many ladies out there, but is laser stretch mark removal worth it?

Let’s find out in which category your stretch marks fall in before hopping on to laser stretch mark removal.

Types Of Stretch Marks 

Stretch marks also acknowledged as ‘Striae’. Stretch marks can be split down into two main classifications based on their structure and features :

Basic Stretch Marks

  1. Rubrae: Pink or red stretch marks (Striae Rubrae)
  2. Albae: White stretch marks (Striae Albae)

Other Classifications

  1. Gravidarum: Stretch marks which happen as a result of pregnancy. (Striae Gravidarum)
  2. Nigrae: Dark grey or black stretch marks which usually are applicable to darker complexion skin types. (Striae Nigrae)
  3. Caerulea: Dark blue or purplish stretch marks (also applicable to those with darker complexions). (Striae Caerulea)
  4. Atrophicans: Thinned skin linked with stretch marks. This may occur in those with Cushing’s syndrome, due to the extended use of corticosteroids or after a surgical procedure.(Striae Atrophicans)

Now that you know in what category your stretch marks are, let’s get back to business about laser stretch mark removal.

What Happens During A Laser Stretch Mark Treatment Session?

laser stretch mark removal

A doctor will use a laser machine to emit pulses of laser light to penetrate down stretch marks on the concerned areas of the skin.

This triggers the generation of new tissues and benefits to improve the colour of your skin.

The newly formed collagen will make the stretch marks more constant in texture, diminishing their look.

Types Of Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

There are three primary types of laser treatment that can benefit you get freed of stretch marks instantly.

1. Excimer Laser Treatment

  • Uses UV light to disrupt skin tissue
  • Allows the skin to self-heal
  • Treats red stretch marks
  • Min. 10 sessions needed

2. Vascular Laser Treatment

  • Light energy targets blood vessels-
  • Damages the skin tissues and then allow skin cell to regenerate
  • Treats red stretch marks
  • Min. 6 sessions needed

3. Fractional Laser Treatment

  • The laser beam targets a fraction of the skin at a time
  • Treats both red and white stretch marks
  • min. 3 sessions needed

Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal Painful?

You’re probably wondering whether laser treatments hurt?
While you might feel some mild discomfort, there really shouldn’t be any serious pain while treating newly formed stretch marks. Also the pain or discomfort level depends upon how old or deep your stretch marks are.

You can check with your dermatologist whether you need a 

laser stretch mark removal -1

Can You Remove Stretch Marks With A Laser?

Since stretch marks signify a permanent alteration in the dermis, there is no amount of resurfacing that can erase them completely. The dermis is the deeper layer of skin under the surface layer known as the epidermis.

However, studies have revealed that laser treatments can reduce the intensity of stretch marks in patients, with a recovery rate of between 20 and 60%. The repair is believed to be largely due to the laser’s stimulation of enhanced production of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer of the skin, where stretch marks are developed.

Lasers are most powerful on newly formed stretch marks (which are still red in colour), and many experts say that they are less effective on more mature (white) stretch marks.

Furthermore, for darker skin types, laser treatment of stretch marks is usually considered unwise, principally due to the dangers of causing hyperpigmentation variations in the skin.

Can You Permanently Remove Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks often start as red or purple marks and gradually fade to white. The contrast in colour identifies how old the marks are. Though they may never fade completely, treatment can reduce the colour of your marks and shorten them. In many cases, stretch marks disappear away on their own.

Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal Painful
striae rubra before and after laser treatment

Younger, red-tinged stretch marks (striae rubra) are more straightforward to treat. They start red because blood vessels are present beneath the skin. The appearance of working blood vessels allows red stretch marks to be more receptive to treatment.

striae alba
striae alba before and after laser treatment

Older, White stretch marks (striae alba) are more challenging to treat. Over time, your blood vessels narrow, making it difficult to arouse collagen production. Treatment outcomes may not be as drastic matched to those of red stretch marks, but there are alternatives available to help them fade more easily and at a faster speed.

Laser stretch mark removal is a popular method to remove white stretch marks. In the procedure, lasers enter the skin, triggering rebuilding. This excites the tissues around your stretch marks to repair at a faster rate.

Laser therapy incites melanin production on the troubled area, stimulating pigment cells in your skin. This causes your stretch marks to combine in with your normal skin tone. Though powerful, laser therapy needs more than one sitting to mark results.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Stretch Marks With Laser Treatment?

According to the data provided by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), laser stretch mark removal treatments costs around a range of $500 to $8,900.

There are frequently additional hidden costs outside of these expected provider fees. Your total cost can depend on:

  • anaesthetics
  • consultations
  • lab costs
  • office fees
  • post-treatment pain medications (if needed)

How To Prevent Stretch Marks?

You must be wondering why we have added question when we are talking about laser stretch mark removal? The answer is: Honestly we cannot totally prevent stretch marks 100% but the word ‘prevent’ means we can reduce the intensity or depth of the future stretch marks.  Hence when you will opt for a laser stretch mark removal method you will get absolute smooth skin.

laser stretch mark removal -prevention

Yes, you read it is absolutely correct. As we have discussed earlier the laser therapy works wonderous on young or red or Striae rubrae stretch marks which makes it possible that you can use below prevention methods if you wish to get an even-looking skin after laser stretch mark removal procedure.

Following are the stretch marks prevention methods to use before opting for a future laser stretch mark removal procedures. Make sure these methods fit into your routine (you can talk with your doctor which is more suitable for you) considering the cause of your stretch marks (eg: pregnancy, weight loss/gain, hormonal changes, puberty etc.)

1. Stay hydrated

2. Use a moisturizer

Include organic plant-based creams, aloe-vera, virgin oils; coconut olive

3. Include vitamin C in your diet

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

4. Soak up some vitamin D

5. Eat foods rich in zinc

6. Eat omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids help the skin stay supple.
Many cold-water fish contain omega-3, including:

  • salmon
  • herring
  • mackerel
  • sardines

Vegetarian sources of omega-3 include:

  • chia seeds
  • flaxseed
  • walnuts
  • algae
  • soybeans

7. Wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun

8. Avoid smoking

9. Limit or avoid steroid creams for itching

10. Eat Super Foods

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

The fastest way to get rid of stretch marks us laser stretch mark removal method. Just within a few sessions, you will be able to see positive noticeable changes in your stretch marks. Yes, there are many other methods to treat stretch marks to get rid of them but no one can catch the hand of laser stretch mark removal method.

How Can I Hide My Stretch Marks?

Striae Rubrae

There are not many methods to hide your stretch marks which are obvious too. Contrary, these methods might be super useful for those who have mature stretch marks and opted for laser stretch mark removal.

As we had discussed the deep or matured or Striae albae stretch marks are somewhat difficult to cover up by laser stretch mark removal. As due to laser stretch mark removal your stretch marks will be partially covered and hence making these marks easy to cover. 

The following methods will just satisfy you to great extent.

1. Use of concealers

To hide stretch marks on your legs, you can try using a concealer that suits your skin tone, and layer the makeup in light coats until your stretch marks are fully covered.

2. Use of self-tanner

You can apply a leg self-tanner from a local drugstore, which will further darken your skin without revealing you to harmful UV radiation.

3. Use of colour correcting pens

Another brilliant makeup product which is super easy to use and you do not need an applicator as these pens tips are a brush hence, making it super easy to apply and reapply and carry too.

4. Wearing stockings

Wear stockings matching your skin tone and no one will even notice!

Why Choose Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment?

If you have decided to get rid of stretch marks then we suggest you do it professionally. Before you opt for a laser stretch mark removal you must know why this method is better than others:

  • There is no efficient treatment for stretch marks other than laser therapy.
  • Less pain and need for medication following treatment.
  • Enhanced energy for cells in the treatment area.
  • Elevated immune response.
  • Increased healing response.
  • Advancement of collagen for new skin production.
  • Healthier lymphatic drainage, leading to decreased swelling.
  • Help blood circulation in the treatment area.
  • Lowered inflammation.

What To Expect While Recovering From A Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

When it comes to healing from laser stretch mark removal, it’s better than regular surgical methods (you may get some redness and swell for a few days). 

  • You can travel to your appointment knowing you can go right back to everything you were doing already. 
  • You’ll require more than one treatment and the effects can vary from patient to patient, but you can relax easy knowing you’re being proactive about your body and doing something to diminish your stretch marks and look better no matter what you’re wearing or how much skin you’re baring!

While many flaunt, some of us want sheer even skin. Be at a beach party or a wedding you ladies, have a right to get what you wish. Don’t let anyone tell you either and do what you really want to!