7 Easy And Natural Tricks To Keep Body Cool This Summer

Summers are just coming ahead. Come summer and we all are struggling to sleep and tossing in our beds all night. What is the first thought that strikes your mind? Switch on the AC and sleep calmly! But how would you keep your body cool all day long? Your body too needs to cool down internally while you face the scorching heat all through the summers. This situation becomes awful if we don’t take the corrective measures at the right time.

Summer advertisements have already taken up the task and brands are now coming up with innovative summer treat to help you beat the heat. The brutal summer days are unendurable for all of us at some point. Believe us a few simple tricks can keep your body cool in summers. This is essential to maintain good health when the room temperature soars high.

If you are searching for some simple tricks and treats to combat heat when the sun is at its best you should read till the end. Here are some simple ways to keep your body cool this summer. Incorporate some of these in your lifestyle and you’ll see they transform your body into a bona fide air conditioner.

Best 7 Tips On How To Keep Body Cool In Summer Naturally

1. Hydrate Yourself

We cannot tell you how important it is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water and more water every day. You can even try healthy flavoured drinks and fruit juices as well to make sure your body receives enough fluid content to keep you cool. Avoid drinking cold water or aerated cold drinks.

Include naturally cooling foods (watermelon, lemon juice, coconut water, curd, etc.) in your diet. Be smart and try to sneak in a little extra water whenever possible. Get your hands on water-rich foods (cucumbers, cantaloupes, watermelon, and greens). They are easy to digest and up your water intake considerably. To know more about the miraculous benefits of coconut water read here.

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2. Pull Out Your Summer Wears

Summer is all about comfort, cotton, and whites. Wear white or light pastel colors as these reflect maximum light keeping you cool in the hot weather. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes and choose cotton outfits to maintain airflow and keep out the hot air. Always choose loose and baggy outfits to combat the summer heat. This will best way how to keep the body cool in summer. For example, wearing cotton trousers can be more comfortable than tight-fitted jeans.

Experiment with simple and chic fashion to make the most of the summer. The right style of clothing can be very helpful. We might pick up shorts, or sleeveless garments but these are not ideal garments for summers. These expose your skin to the harmful UV rays and cause heat rashes. Thus the ideal choice of dressing in summer should be loose pants and long skirt or dresses.

3. Get Some Houseplants

The benefits of having indoor plants are assorted. Beautiful flowers and houseplants are the perfect antidotes for increasing the natural cooling of your home. These plants can purify surrounding air, improve your dull mood, revitalize your senses every morning, and make the room feel much cooler.

Indoor plants come in a variety of options to every individual need. Green lovers can decorate their homes with beautiful houseplants and unwind in your sanctuary. This is the easiest way how to keep the body cool in the otherwise hot climate. You may choose from a variety of plants like pint-sized bonsai plants, fleshy succulents, the miraculous Aloe Vera plant, the humble cacti, and the good luck plant (money plant).

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4. Change Your Eating Habits

A light nutritious snack can works wonders when the weather is hot. Digesting large and heavy meal consumes a lot of energy than helping yourself with a smaller portion. The excess amount of energy produced tends to raise your body temperature a bit. Try snacking healthy stuff throughout the day to avoid the heating up process.

Ice-creams! Yummylicious!

But should you indulge eating these in summer? No. Desserts containing high fat are difficult to digest and thus we should be looking for fat-free desserts to keep the body cool. Try eating sorbets or fat-free yogurts instead.

5. Open The Windows

Try to increase the airflow around you. This step can go a long way to lower the room temperature. Simply throw open the windows to let in the cool and fresh breeze inside. For hot air entering the room, you may try this simple trick. Hang a damp cloth or dupatta on the window the air that passes through the window will cool down and relax you further.

Alternatively, set up the trusty box fan in the open window to blow away the hot air outside. You may also create suspension beddings like hammocks to increase the airflow around you. Added benefit – low electricity bills! Isn’t that great?

6. Soak Your Feet

Your 10 little piggies are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations as there are many pulse points near the toes and ankle. Blood runs close to the surface of the skin in this area. Thus cooling down your feet can cool down the entire body within no time.

All you have to do is dunk down your feet into some cold water before hitting the hay. You may add a teaspoon full of Epsom salt, peppermint or eucalyptus oil to increase the cooling effect.

7. Embark Upon Peppermint

Peppermints can also be a great alternative if you want to know how to keep the body cool in summers naturally. You can grow it in your house garden and take its benefits. On hot summer days, pluck few peppermint leaves and chew them. You may also indulge yourself to drink peppermint infused tea. The subtle flavor and minty oils released from peppermint leaves will give you a nice cooling effect naturally. With every breath, you feel more rejuvenated and fresh.

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Are you ready for summer yet?

Hope you have liked these summer combating tips. Please share these simple ways on how to keep the body cool in summers with your friends too.