Junk Foods In Disguise: 10 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Actually Aren’t!

Healthy eating is on the rise. There are ample of products marketed with all sorts of health claims and labels. Junk foods comes in disguise these days. They are wrapped in the health buzzword packaged in fancy wrappers and injected with fruits and vegetables to make us think we are eating wholesome foods.

It’s time we take a colder look at these so-called healthy foods and not get fooled by their fancy packaging. Let’s not follow the health-claims of the food industry blindly. Choose your food wisely.

From cornflakes to packages veggie soups and super trendy granola bars, take note of these unhealthy junk foods in disguise.

Packaged junk foods

Here is a list of foods which pretends to be healthy but in reality isn’t –

1. Packed ‘Fresh’ Fruit Juices

Fruit juices might seem a healthy delight to many of us. However, these so-called health potions are basically overloaded with sugar and preservatives. We might think that why not drink them? They are coming from ‘fresh’ fruits and are quite a hit amongst young and old alike. However, the packaged fruit juices available in the market aren’t really fruit juices. It just contains chemical-instilled sugar water with the flavor of fruits. So it’s just as unhealthy as a hamburger. Period!

2. Chips

These days the markets are flooded with “healthy chips”. Common chips are chips even if they are made from veggies and baked in the oven. You cannot ignore that the unwanted preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavoring agents, extra salts and oil are still there.

A baked veggie chip is not equivalent to eating a bowl of raw vegetables. Once processed all the nutrition from the vegetables is lost and all that remains is unhealthy junk that we all love to gobble. Be it the greasy potato chips or the baked green delight, none are healthy.

3. Breakfast Cereals

Most of the cereals are processed and packaged with added flavors and sugar. The breakfast cereals may allure you into their getting slim trap, but don’t fall into it. Cornflakes are one of the greatest traps marketed in the name of healthy food. These are packs with a large ingredient list and health claims plastered to the box.

Real foods do not need health claims. Whole, single-ingredient foods are best to include in your diet. It is always better to have wholesome breakfast like poha, upma, idli rather than these fancy cereals.


4. Gluten-Free Bread Or Brown Bread

Gluten-free bread and brown bread are in trend, but we know that it’s a nutritional myth. These are just packed with inferior nutrients that may prove worse than the white bread you ate originally. There is very little nutritive value in such processed foods. These tend to weaken your digestive system in the long run.

Eating these empty calories will make you hungrier and you end up eating more. Gluten-free products tend to have many artificial ingredients that harm the body. The bottom line is, “Bread of all kinds is unhealthy”!

5. Sports Drinks

Sports drinks were originally designed keeping sportspersons in mind. They contain added salts (electrolytes) and sugar which boost energy for the athletes. However, regular people don’t need that extra liquid sugar. Although sports drink contains less sugar than soft drinks they are still considered unhealthy.

It is important to keep up the fluid intake between workouts, but you may be well off with plain water. Protein shakes also contain tons of sugar. Pass out these empty calories and stay healthy.

6. Energy Bars / Granola Bars

Energy bars claim to be healthy stuff to boost your strength through the day. Have you ever been through the ingredient list of granola or energy bars? If you look up, you’ll find chocolate, sugar, sweetened granola, and syrup on the label. Some of them also contain seeds and nuts or dried fruits that add up to their fat content. Would you still consider them as healthy?

energy bars junk foods in disguise

7. Packaged Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another food product trend. From sandwiches to protein shakes, most of the recipes include the nutty butter. Don’t be fooled by what seems like a healthier option. Peanut butter might contain few grams of healthy monounsaturated fats but has multiple doses of added sugars, preservatives and chemicals. If you want to have peanut butter, the best option is to make some at home.

8. Act II Popcorns

Ready to make or flavored popcorns seem a healthy delight. Made fresh popcorn can be a great fiber-rich evening snack. However, the packaged or microwaveable versions contain high amounts of sodium and chemicals that you shouldn’t be eating. Act II Popcorn joins the list of unhealthy junk foods to avoid. Bring some maize and pop your own corn in a few minutes. Flavor them with spices or caramel to suit your taste. Fresh is healthy!

9. Flavored Yogurt

Craving for some yogurt? Treat yourself with some delicious plain Greek yogurt. Avoid falling for the flavored option available in the market. Flavored yogurt contains added sugar, flavors and chemicals to load your body with all unhealthy components. Don’t go buy the probiotic branding. Sweetened granola, dried fruits or candied nuts toppings for yogurt bring it beyond the sugar content of a pastry. Scary isn’t it?

flavoured yogurt

10. Packed Soups

Knorr or Ching’s soup kits available on the supermarket shelves are among the cheapest meals for many. This staple snack is trending for worst in our diet plans. The noodle soups contain dehydrated noodles or veggies that add no nutrition to your bowl. They also contain preservatives, added salt, and saturated fats.

Stock some fresh vegetables and leafy greens in your pantry and relish new soups every day. Drink healthy stay healthy. Say no to packages drinks today!

Let’s start our healthy eating revolution. Be extremely vigilant while you step into a grocery store. Stop buying junk foods that sound healthy. Read labels carefully and choose wise.

Fresh fruits and vegetables cooked at come are the healthiest meal options. Avoid as much processed food as you can to stay healthy – really healthy!

Happy eating folks!