Increase Sperm Count Naturally With These Effective Health Tips

Parenthood is something in which both parents share equal preparation and fitness to conceive. Male infertility or decreased semen quality is also a major cause of failure to impregnate a partner. Low sperm count can be a cause of the nutritional deficiency, obesity, lack of workout and unhealthy lifestyle. Thus, making some simple and healthy changes in your diet intake and nutritional counts may prove to be a great way to boost your sperm counts up. In this upshot, we have jotted down few health tips on how to increase sperm count naturally.

With a few lifestyle modifications and diet changes, you can increase the chances of your fertility. There are ways how to increase sperm count naturally by food, regular exercise, and yoga.

Tips to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Follow these health tips to boost up your sperm count naturally –

1. Boost Your Diet With Veggies And Fruits

Many researches have proved that including fruits and vegetables in your diet as a routine affects the sperm count. The yellow and orange colored organic foods consist of carotenoids that get converted into vitamin A (antioxidant) in the body. Fruits contain vitamins should be eaten to increase sperm count. Tomatoes are known to improve sperm shape that’s ideal for fertilization while carrots increase the motility of the sperm.

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2. Avoid Exposure To Chemicals

The quality and quantity of sperms in semen of average man is much lesser nowadays. Exposure to chemicals like dioxin, pesticides, industrial pollutants, PCBs, DDT, etc. mimics the effects of estrogen thereby affecting men’s reproductive health. Avoid eating in plastic containers, avoid exposure to chlorinated products and water, wash veggies thoroughly to remove pesticides and herbicides, use organic products whenever possible and eat foods rich in antioxidants.

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3. Avoid Excess Of Soy Intake

Soy proteins and soybeans are very healthy to include in your diet. Studies have proved its numerous health benefits that maintain a healthy lifestyle. While including soy in your diet proves beneficial for most, overconsumption of soy can be associated with inferior sperm quality. Being rich in isoflavone content soy and its products lower sperm quality thus should be limited in your diet. It also causes digestive problems and interferes with thyroid hormone production.

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4. Minimize Stress

Stress management is an important concern when you’re planning to enter parenthood. Stress reduces your sexual satisfaction, interferes with hormonal balance, and impairs your fertility. Increased stress levels increase cortisol levels that have a negative effect on testosterone. Relax and revive with meditation, yoga, exercise, a walk in the park, or just spend some leisure time with family and friends.

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5. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise keeps you healthy in mind and body. It improves your physical performance and confidence. Exercise helps increase testosterone levels in men. However, avoid too much exercise as it may have the opposite effect. If you are one of those lazy bones and want to boost your fertility its time to buckle up and get active. Adequate supplements of zinc can also help to maintain the quality of sperms.

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6. Try Herbal Supplements

There are many herbs that help to boost male fertility. Some increase the sexual desire, some improve erections, some increase the blood flow to sex organs while others are in general beneficial for sexual health. Herbal supplements have no virtual side effects. Herbs like Panax ginseng, ginkgo Biloba extract, Rhodiola Rosea, nutmeg, elk antler velvet, Tribulus territories, etc. are few examples of that increase sperm counts. It may take around three months to experience the benefits of these supplements.

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7. Vitamins To Increase Sperm Count

Vitamin D supplements are known to improve testosterone levels in men. Studies have shown that oxidative stress in men may lead to infertility issues; thus taking vitamin C supplements improves male fertility by fighting against the free radicals. Many foods are an abundant source of vitamin C and antioxidants that increase sperm count.

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8. Munch On Walnuts

Eating nuts is always recommended in a healthy diet plan. Include a handful of walnuts in your diet to increase your fertility chances. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other polysaturated fatty acids that improve sperm motility and give them the boost to go on. Two handfuls of walnuts are healthy snack-and-go options for men.

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9. Include Fenugreek In Your Diet

There are some studies that show improved sexual performance and libido on consuming fenugreek supplements. Fenugreek is a popular culinary herb with many medicinal properties. It has been proven that fenugreek extract when taken regularly for three months shows increased levels of testosterone and sperm count in men.

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10. Work To Reduce Excess Weight

Obesity is one reason causing many diseases and disorders, infertility is one of them. Weight loss should be on the top of your list if you are obese and infertile. Increased BMI is known to cause decreased testosterone levels and thereby decreasing sperm concentration. Eat healthy and exercise regularly to benefit both you and your soon to come child.

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11. Stay Away From Processed Foods

Most of us are into the habit of binging on processed foods. Here’s how to increase sperm count and motility by food. Eating fresh and healthy food can give good reproductive health. Avoid fast foods as they deteriorate your health. There are numerous studies that show how to increase sperm count by food. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, chicken, and fish are the best foods for healthier you.

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12. Limit Alcohol Intake

Drinking and smoking are always hazardous to health. One should limit their alcohol intake as and when possible. Heavy alcohol consumption reduces testosterone levels and is known to impair semen quality greatly. Men who drink less are more fertile than heavy drinkers.

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13. Yoga

Have you ever wondered how to increase sperm count by yoga? Yes, there are asanas that are beneficial for men to increase sperm count and their motility thereby improving fertility in men. Yogasanas improve the supply of oxygen to the pelvic region thereby increasing sperm count and motility. Kriyas like Ashwini Mudra, Anulom Vilom, Agnisar Kriya (belly flipping), and asanas like Halasana, Shalabasana, Padmasana, Gomukhasana, or Ardha Matsyendrasana are known to give desired results. Enjoy better reproductive health with the practice of these yoga asanas.

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We hope these tips will help you become a proud father soon.

Happy parenting!!

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