How to make Yourself Sneeze -10 Proven Methods

AAAAA…AAA…AAA! Have you ever been in a situation when you open your mouth for a sneeze and poof, it’s gone! We can totally understand how irritated you can be when you are not able to complete your sneeze. May times you get something in your nostrils and you simply want to sneeze it out, but you cant. Thus, we have this article just for you on how to make yourself sneeze.

How silly as this sounds but one should always know how to make yourself sneeze. Getting a foreign particle from your nostrils can be one heck of a job. And this article with be telling you about tried and tested formulas on how to make yourself sneeze.

How to make yourself sneeze? – 10 ways you can make yourself sneeze

1. Twist a tissue and tickle in your nostril

How to make yourself sneeze -8

Roll a side of a tissue into a point. Delicately put the pointed tip into the nostril and wiggle it around a bit. You may feel a tickling feeling. This excites the trigeminal nerve, which transmits a message to your brain that prompts a sneeze.

Make sure you’re not holding the tissue too far up into your nostril. As you may hurt the delicate tissues in the nostrils.

2. Sniff Spice Powder


This is a sure-shot method to make yourself sneeze, on the second number because of the spice availability around you (what if you want to sneeze in a washroom?) Black pepper and other spices such as cumin, coriander, and crushed red pepper are famous nasal irritants. An element in both black and white pepper is piperine, which aggravates the mucous membranes. Similarly, capsaicin a natural component of hot peppers will cause a sneezing reaction.

Take care when smelling spices as inhaling too much can lead to a burning sensation in the nostrils.

3. Tickle with a Feather

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Many people can be induced to sneeze by just brushing underneath the nose with a fake feather. The outside area of nostrils are super sensitive and hence can stimulate sneeze just by a light fake feather or feather-like object. 

We do not recommend to use a real feather, nor to insert the feather inside the nose. 

Pluck a nose hair with tweezers

4. Pluck a nose hair with tweezers

Pulling a nostril hair stimulates the trigeminal nerve, and this is what makes you Aacheww immediately. Merely thinking about this may begin to make your nose tingling, as the lining of the nose is such a sensitive area.

You have to be extra careful with tweezers as they can hurt your nostril lining.

5. Swivel your tongue on the roof of your mouth

Swivel your tongue on the roof of your mouth

Massaging the roof of your mouth with your tongue can trigger the trigeminal nerve that runs along the top of your mouth, which will cause you to sneeze.

This trigeminal nerve can actually stop a sneeze, too. Hence, you must practice a lot and know when to stop to make yourself sneeze.

6. Breathe in some cold air

The trigeminal nerve is stimulated by cold air felt in the face and surrounding skull area. The wall of the nasal passages is also affected as you breathe in colder air. Feeling cold can irritate the nerve and bring about a sneeze, so turning up the AC or going outside on a cold day may help.

Do not try this method for a long time as some of us may catch a cold due to the cold air.

7. Drink a carbonated drink

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Breathing in the carbon dioxide from carbonated drinks or even drinking them can stimulate sneezing. All you have to do is to grab your choice carbonated soft drink and sniff and drink it as soon as you open it.

Do not put or let enter the drink in your nostrils purposely. Just sniff the drink as soon as you open it.

8. Sniff flour


The flour particles resemble that of dust. Hence flour is the safest and way to make yourself sneeze who have the previous record of sneezing due to dust. 

Do not sniff too much of flour as it can block your nostril. Instead, take some flour on your palm and clap in front of your nose. The fine flour particles in the air will male their way inside your nostrils and attain the goal.

9. Humm and squeeze the bridge of your nose

squeeze the bridge of your nose

Pressing and squeezing the bridge of your nose while humming can help to excite the reflex to sneeze with the union of vibration of humming and pressure. Use your fingers to stroke the bridge of your nose in a downward motion until you feel a tickling feeling in the back of your nose.

Be very cautious to lift your hands once the sneeze comes on, you can get air trapped in between your lugs, or pop your eardrums if you press your nose while you sneeze! 

10. Look up towards the sunlight

A study has proven that some people sneeze uncontrollably when quickly flashed to bright light, particularly strong sunlight. This phenomenon of reflex is known as photic sneezing and is also a genetic trait. You may also experience a prickling sensation. 

Be careful not to look directly at any light source especially towards the sun. You may damage your eyes or get temporary blindness after looking at a bright light for a long period of time.

Is it bad to force yourself to sneeze?


A Japanese dude, known as Tan, has gone viral for making himself sneeze more than 300 times in a video. The price of virality was his health, though, as Tan later revealed that he made himself sick from the little stunt. For two consecutive days after filming, he had a sore throat and fever.

Sneezing increase pressure in the abdominal, thoracic, pulmonary and circulatory system drastically for a very short period. This normally doesn’t cause or affect the body systems or body significantly. But when you force yourself for a prolonged period of time it can cause side effects on your body. 

You have to take special care if you have a tendency to a nosebleed. As the capillary walls around the nose are fragile and closer to the surface, abrupt increase pressure may cause a rupture, which causes nosebleeds.

Can you make yourself sneeze too much?


A study suggested normal person sneezes up to 4 times a day. Whereas an allergic person can sneeze much more than that. But if you are inducing a sneeze you have to keep a check on your body. If you think you are feeling dizzy or having abdominal pain, nose pain or even a nose bleed you have to stop right away even if there are minor symptoms. Do note that you each person gets affected in a different way so as soon as you have a weird or abnormal feeling you have to stop making you sneeze right away.

Can you sneeze with your eyes open? 

eye pop out- How to make yourself sneeze -10 proven methods

Have you heard of this wild belief? For many years, an urban belief has paved it’s way, it goes something Like this – “if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyes will pop out of your head.” Is there any evidence linked to this belief?

Sneezing will not make your eyes to pop out, even if you do with your eyes open. And to answer the question, yes, it is possible to sneeze with your eyes open. It’s just very challenging and you have to make a collective effort to keep your eyes open. Some people who try to sneeze with their eyes open can only achieve this feat if they hold their eyelids open!

Why do I sneeze so loud?

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The sound of a sneeze comes from the air leaving from your mouth or nose. The loudness of a person’s sneeze depends on their lung capacity, size and how long they hold their breath for. It is said that the longer you hold your breath, the louder you sneeze. According to Brisbane-based company Noise Measurement Services, an “average” man’s sneeze, when recorded from a range of 60 centimetres, peaks about 90 decibels (dB). That’s a related level of sound recorded from a lawnmower, a normal conversation is about 60dB. When the mouth is covered, the sneeze drops to about 80dB.

Does your heart stop when you sneeze?

How to make yourself sneeze -heart stop

You have heard many times that your heart stops for a fraction of a second when you sneeze. But does it really?

A study was carried out to check the facts about this. The UAMS’ Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery concludes, your heart doesn’t exactly stop. When you sneeze, the pressure in your body immediately increases. This decreases the blood flow back to the heart. Thus, the heart recompenses for this by altering its regular heartbeat momentarily to tune. However, the electrical activity of the heart does not stop while sneezing.

With these techniques, you can now make yourself sneeze within no time. Make sure you share this article if someone asks you “how to make yourself sneeze?” You can try any of these methods and make yourself sneeze, just for fun. Don’t forget to comment below which method works for you easily. AAAAAA…CCHHEEWWW