Hot Water Bath And Cold Water Bath – Which Is Better?

As the season changes from hotter days to colder ones, you tend to turn your shower temperature from cold to hot. A refreshing bath with hot or cold water feels soothing with the changing weather. But, have you ever pondered what is right for you? Hot water bath and cold water bath, which one is better?

Here are the benefits of both baths and which one you should choose in certain situations. Go ahead and read how your body reacts to hot and cold showers.

Advantages Of Cold Water Shower

Think of a cold shower early morning. You already feel like staying in bed longer. However, science suggests that taking cold showers can prepare you for your day ahead.

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Do you love to feel vibrant and energetic all day? Cold showers are the best way to go for a refreshing morning. It increases your alertness and makes you ready for your work. A lot of people in the temperate region prefer having a cold bath every day.

Better Hair and Skin

A cold bath helps to tighten the skin and close the open pores of the skin and scalp. It prevents the dirt from entering the skin. Cold showers help to lock the moisture inside the skin making it healthier. The tightened scalp strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair fall. It is beneficial for various skin conditions.

Better Immunity

We bet many of you think having a cold bath can cause cold. However, this is a myth. Having cold water showers are known to boost your immunity. The cold water bath helps you fight diseases in a better way.

Improved Blood Circulation

Cold water improves blood circulation and improves the health of all vital organs in the body. Lower temperature causes a drop in body temperature and maintains thermostats. It also clears blocked blood vessels and reduces hypertension.

Stress Buster

Bathing with cold water instead of hot water is beneficial to reduce stress. Let the tap water run over your head before you go to bed, you’ll notice a drastic drop in your stress levels immediately. Some people might also prefer alternating the bath with hot and cold showers. This too works the trick.

Accelerates Weight Loss

Have you tried all possible ways to shed some pounds?

Diet? Exercise? Yoga and meditation?

But, did you know you can get rid of a few pounds by having a cold shower every day?

Cold water is effective in cutting down your waist by a few inches. Try it.

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Sports scientists suggest that a person who emerges himself in an ice bath will be able to minimize inflammation and have speedy muscle recovery. The ice bath constricts the minute blood vessels and numbs the nerve endings to provide relief from local inflammation and pain.

Advantages Of Hot Water Shower

Hot water bath also has beneficial properties for your mind and body. Similar to a cold shower, a hot water bath can improve your morning. Here is how your body will react to a shower in hot water on those cold winter mornings.

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Soothes Stiff Muscles

A warm water bath can solve your muscle-related issues. If you have sore muscles a hot pack or shower can release tension in muscles and help relax stiff muscles. Hot water boosts blood circulation throughout the body which helps ease pain, reduce inflammation, and improves healing.

Helps During A Cold

Take a hot water bath if you’re suffering from fever or cold. Warm water clears your sinuses, nasal passages, and water clogged lungs. Alternatively, inhaling steam acts as a natural decongestant and relieves cold. Nothing can rejuvenate your soul than a warm bath before going to bed.

Induces Sleep

Tight work schedules and stressful lifestyle makes you vulnerable to lack of sleep or insomnia. A hot water bath will help you achieve better and quality sleep.

Helps You Relax

It’s Sunday! You’ve had a nice slumber. Now, all that you need is a refreshing hot water bath. It will activate your senses and help you relax. It will help you get some quality rest and unwind from stressful situations.

Hot water bath and Cold water bath – Which is better?

Both types of baths – hot and cold – have their own unique benefits. Now the question is which of the two would be best for you?

There is no harm to stick to your preferred temperature for a shower. However, there are certain instances where you would prefer choosing one over the other.

Let us consider a few scenarios to choose cold water bath or hot water bath for best results.


Your age can be the deciding factor to take hot or cold water bath. Young children and elderly people can reap more benefits from hot or warm water shower. Teens and middle-aged people (up to 50 years) should opt for cold showers.

Students who need to be alert and concentrate on their studies should opt for a cold water bath.

Acne Outbursts

Hot showers can aggravate acne outbursts! Warm water opens up skin pores but can increase acne problems. It triggers more production of sebum (oil) on the skin after the shower and thereby makes your skin prone to acne. In such situations, it’s best to choose cold showers over hot baths.

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Are you unable to sleep? Or do you gave interrupted sleep patterns? Take a warm shower before going to bed to induce a good nights sleep. It not only relaxes your nerves but also reduces the body temperature. A warm shower at night causes a drop in your heart rate and breathing indicating the body it’s time to rest.

Muscle Cramps

Hot baths may prove like a boon while you’re menstruating. There is no harm if you’re habitual of cold showers but warm water will relax your muscles and alleviate cramps instantly.


Your body is made up of various dosha. An imbalance of Pitta dosha causes diseases like indigestion and liver ailments where you need to bath with cold water. On the other hand, the imbalance of Kapha or Vata dosha requires you to take warm water bath. The diseases caused by Kapha imbalance are respiratory allergies and other diseases. Those caused by Vata are joint pain, and arthritis.

After A Workout

Many professional sportspersons engage in taking cold baths after a workout. This activity speeds up the muscle recovery process. One can also try alternating between hot and cold showers for better performance. This alternative water therapy improves blood circulation and detoxifies your body.

Healthy Workout

Hope you can now decide which of the baths – hot water bath and cold water bath – is better for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it good to bath with hot water?

During hot water bath the hot water shouldn’t too far exceed your own body temperature. While warm bath increases your immune system and is good for your skin.

What are the benefits of cold water bath?

Cold water bath helps in increase the metabolic rate, and amount of white cells in the body, which helps in fight diseases.

Can a cold shower kill you?

If you are staying for long in a very cold water then it can kill you A regular shower with normal cold water cannot kill you .

Does cold water affect the heart?

Cold water makes your heart work harder to keep your body at a normal temperature , thus it affect the heart, and cause heart problems

Can we take bath with cold water during fever?

Bathing with cold water during the fever is not recommended, As it causes shivering . Thus bathing with lukewarm water can be a good idea during fever.