Swimming: 15 Health Benefits Of Swimming That Everyone Must Know

Swimming is the most popular sport around the seven Continents. It’s a fun activity that you can do lifelong. There are many health benefits of swimming every day. Swimming is a great way to stay fit and healthy, be socially aware, gain happiness, make friends, and relieve all your stress. It is a low-impact exercise that has many physical and mental health benefits. The greatest thing about this sport is that anyone can do it anytime. You may be a man or women, may fall under any age group, you may have different backgrounds, and moreover have different levels of experience. All you need is to know how to swim and do so in safe environments.

Why not jump in? It’s never too late to start swimming. You may not be a competitive swimmer but you can definitely benefit from it. Water sports provide low-impact and more resistance than dry land exercises. Swimming therapeutically cools down your body and adds to its many health benefits.

We give you few reasons to jump into the pool right away in the below post. Go ahead and read them all.

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Health Benefits Of Swimming:

Swimming is a very good all-round sport because you have to move against the resistance of water. Here is why you have to indulge yourself to swim more often.

1) Best Cardio And Strength Workout

Swimming works both as a strengthening exercise and cardio workout. Thus it will not be difficult for you to decide what type of work you should do. Water provides 800 times more resistance and low impact than air. So what can get better than a fun-filled, power-packed performance early in the morning?

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2) Tones Underworked Muscles

Various muscles of the body are not exposed to proper workout and tend to loosen up. But when you are immersed in water, your whole body is under pressure. The arms, deltoids, lateral muscles all get enough movement to tone them up. These muscles are not targeted if you are biking or pounding the pavement. Swimming helps stabilize the core muscles and lower back that women often miss.

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3) Benefits Of Swimming For Weight Loss

Swimming is a great workout for those who want to lose weight. It helps by burning extra calories. It has been proved by researches that people who swim have lean body shape than the non-swimmers. An hour of vigorous swimming burns about 715 calories, isn’t that fantastic?

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4) Improves Lung Health And Benefits In Asthma

Under water your body adapts to utilize oxygen effectively than when on land. Thus improved breathing is seen in swimmers. It’s observed that swimmers have greater tidal volume (the amount of air that moves in and out of the lungs during relaxed breathing) than runners. It is also the best sport for asthmatic patients. The moisture expelled from body during vigorous breathing is replaced while you’re in water thus relieves asthma symptoms.

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5) Major Stress Buster

Mental benefits of swimming include its stress alleviating properties. Getting into water for exercise has its own benefits and boosts your mood. Being immersed in water decreases the sensory stimulus that bombards your mind, thus helps your body to relax. Swimming is a very good stress buster, especially for those who are victims of chronic stress.

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6) Offers Great Flexibility

Swimming is responsible for improving body coordination, posture and balance. You may have observed that swimmers are lot more flexible due to the many stretching movements underwater. Thus it’s the best activity to improve flexibility.

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7) Low-Impact Exercise

People who cannot go for stressful activities can opt for swimming. It’s best for injured athletes because of its low impact that goes easy on the knees and other joints. The physical benefits of swimming are innumerable.

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8) Slows Down Aging Process

Regular swimmers look much younger than the non-swimming counterparts. Swimming has long lasting effects on your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, nervous system health, cardiovascular health, muscle mass and even cognitive activities. Thus you can have a healthy lifespan if you swim regularly.

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9) It Makes You A Better Runner

Swimming increases your ability to take in more oxygen thus increasing your endurance capacity. This activity helps you run much faster without losing breath soon. It trains your core muscles to perform better while you are running. Benefits of swimming for men and women runners are mind-blowing.

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10) It’s A Social Sport

Swimming is known to improve your social well being. People of all classes, ages and gender swim together. They meet and share their own experiences which improve mental health. Socializing thus takes you away from stress and anxiety.

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11) Anybody Can Swim

No matter what your health condition is you can swim and regain your fitness. If you’re injured you can still swim. Swimming benefits for women’s who are pregnant are proven. Just make sure you discuss with your doctor about the intensity and duration you can swim.

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12) It Makes Kids Smarter

Swimming increases the blood flow to the brain by 14%. Regular swimming can improve cognitive function, memory, and thinking skills. It aids in the development of newer brain cells, improves mood, alleviates anxiety and increases brains ability to reason out more effectively.

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13) Makes Us Goal Oriented

Swimming sets many goals in our lives. The habit not only sticks to your exercise routine but also helps you target your other goals. Swimmers learn this skill gradually. It’s a key value that swimming teaches us.

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14) Requires Minimal Gear

What you need before you jump into the pool? A sexy swim suit, a pair of goggles and a headgear. That’s it! You’re ready for workout. No weights, no machinery, and no extravaganza. That’s the beauty of this sport.

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15) Cools You Down

It’s the best way to beat the scorching heat in summers. Just dive into a pool or go to your favorite beach. Chill out with friends and family on a hot day.

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Now that you know the importance of swimming in human life, won’t you just dive in regularly?

Share with us your stories about swimming and how it has changed your physical and mental health.

Enjoy Swimming this summer!!

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