Health Benefits Of Methi Seeds: How And Why To Eat It Daily?

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Have you heard methi seeds being used to treat dozens of hair problems? Have you ever used methi seeds to get radiant skin tone? Or do you use methi seeds when you face digestion problems? If your answer is no, you have no idea about the amazing health benefits of methi seeds. The methi seeds have a host of health and beauty benefits that will impress you.

An Indian kitchen cannot be just a kitchen without the presence of fenugreek or methi seeds. Fenugreek is a staple kitchen herb that adds flavor to the daily dishes. Trigonella foenum graecum is the scientific name to Fenugreek. Due to its many benefits experts recommend to include methi seeds in your diet. Methi is used for its traditional medicinal properties or a potent hair tonic. But there is much more to it. Read on.

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Right from reducing blood sugar levels to fighting dandruff and promoting hair growth, methi seeds can do it all. Let’s go through the mind-blowing health benefits of methi seeds below:

Health Benefits Of Methi Seeds

Good For Your Hair

Aren’t you just tired of trying various different things for the sake of your hair? But the hair problems just don’t leave us. You can make use of these fenugreek seeds to better your hair problems. Simply include them whole in your diet or use fenugreek seed powder. You may even make a fine paste of overnight soaked seeds and apply it on your scalp for dandruff-free, shiny and manageable hair. Methi seeds also promote hair growth and strengthen hair from the roots. If you are facing hair problems, then you shouldn’t be neglecting it. All you do it boil some seeds in coconut oil and apply it daily.

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Relieves A Sore Throat

A sore throat is one of the most common problems that we face especially during winters and you can try consuming fenugreek to get rid of it instantly. Health benefits of methi seeds include anti-inflammatory properties which help treat a cough. The mucilage present in the methi seeds lubricates the linings of the throat to relieve a sore throat. Take these seeds along with a spoon of lemon and honey for treating fever as it helps in nourishing your body.

Get Relief From Menstrual Cramps

The compounds present in the seeds actually helps in getting rid of various discomforts during the periods like cramps and mood swings. The cramps make the periods more disgusting and methi seeds offer the perfect solution for the monthly problem. Chew one or two tablespoons of soaked methi seeds to alleviate menstrual pains or discomfort. This medicinal plant is a boon for women.

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Fights Heartburn And Acid Reflux

Fenugreek seeds work as a really effective remedy for acid reflux and heartburn. Heartburns can be a really disturbing problem that may break the mood. If you ever suffer from this try including methi seeds in your diet. The mucilage from seeds creates a protective coat on the stomach and intestinal lining. This prevents the internal organs to get more irritated due to stomach acids, decreases the PH and stabilizes acid reflux. You can use whole fenugreek seeds or fenugreek seed extract.

Helps To Lose Weight

Methi seeds contain natural soluble fibers that make your stomach fuller for a longer time. This can consequently smother your appetite and aid in weight loss. You can try taking methi seeds in your diet by just chewing the soaked methi seeds on an empty stomach like a first thing in the morning. You can alternatively drink 2 glasses of methi seed water empty stomach every morning.

Lower Your Cholesterol And Blood Sugar Levels

Many studies show that chewing a handful of methi seeds can help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride levels. This helps in cutting down the risk of coronary heart diseases. The galactomannan present in methi seeds helps prevent cardiac problems and atherosclerosis.

Fenugreek seeds contain 4-hydroxy isoleucine, an essential amino acid that promotes insulin discharge in the pancreas and decreases insulin resistance. This helps in the efficient regulation of blood sugar levels in the body. Type-2 diabetes can be kept under control by consuming methi seeds daily.

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Helps Digestion

How to get rid of digestive problems? Health benefits of methi seeds include cure against digestive ailments and acidity. Fenugreek is a rich source of fiber and antioxidants that flush out the toxins of the body. Fenugreek supplements are also available in the market. Effects of fenugreek water can also take you by surprise. Drink the water in which you soak methi seeds overnight along with the seeds. Jeera water is also used to aid digestive problems.

Induces And Eases Child Birth

Fenugreek seeds are known to be supportive in stimulating labor and uterine compressions. A pregnant mother should consume few seeds of methi to reduce labor pain and facilitate less painful childbirth. But you need to be careful about the number of seeds you take every day. Excess methi seeds can also lead to miscarriage or premature childbirth.

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Improve Breast Milk Production

Many lactating mothers choose methi seeds to increase their breast milk production. Phytoestrogen present in the herb mimics the action of estrogen and boosts the milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Drink fenugreek tea a couple of times in a day to increase the supply of breast milk thereby promoting weight gain in children.

Side Effects Of Methi Seeds

  • Causes body and urine odor.
  • Can cause loose motions.
  • Excessive amounts of methi seeds can cause hypoglycemia.
  • May increase the uterine contractions in pregnant women and lead to premature birth.
  • There are reports of allergic reactions to fenugreek.
  • Consuming fenugreek tea in children have resulted in the loss of consciousness.
  • Interacts with anti-diabetic and anticoagulant drugs.

From heart diseases to diabetes, health benefits of methi seeds are well known. Fenugreek is believed to cure so many ailments that we can actually rank it under best superfoods. Do include methi seeds in your diet and reap its incredible benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is methi seeds good for?

Methi Seeds are good in control blood glucose, especially to treat diabetes.

What are the side effects of methi seeds?

Some of the side effects of methi seeds are
1) Asthma
2) Allergic Reaction
3) Gas
4) Wheezing
5) Loss of consciousness

How long does it take for methi seeds to start working?

It takes around 24-72 hours methi seeds to work.

Does ,methi seeds cause miscarriage?

Excess intake of methi seeds may leads to miscarriage.

Does methi seeds raise blood pressure?

No, methi seedsreduces the risk of heart and blood pressure conditions.