17 Simple Tricks That Help You Be A Happier Person

Doing what you like is FREEDOM,

Liking what you do is HAPPINESS!

Most of us have heard this quote many times, but do we actually practice it? We spend so much time at work, either in the office or at home. Professional and personal commitments make us sacrifice in life and we neglect to care for ourselves. Is it so difficult to be a happier person? We never take timeout to enjoy or pamper ourselves as we have to achieve many things to serve our family expectations.

This attitude needs a serious rethink.

We should strive to find happiness in little titbits of life. Make our workplace happier and exciting to work at. Doesn’t it sound fun already?

Here’s a list of few things you can opt to uncover the happier person within you.

1. Proper Planning

Who all hit the snooze button in the morning when your alarm goes off?

If you’re one of those people you’ll agree to what’s said here. Take quick 10 min snooze will give you few blissful moments however; you’ll soon realize you’re running out of time for your daily chores. You’ll be late for your meetings, you’ll start skipping breakfast, and you’ll feel clumsy all day.

To avoid last-minute hassle, it is ideal to take extra efforts and plan your day well in advance. This practice will give you endless satisfaction at the end of the day.

2. Look Good, Feel Good

When was the last time you dressed to look the best? Do you give time to pamper yourself? If yes, how often you do so?

Many of us are so tied up with responsibilities and tight schedules that we almost forget we have a body and soul to care for. To be a happier person look beautiful every morning. Make it your ultimate goal. This will boost your confidence and make you stand in a crowd.

beautiful-feel good

3. Foster Your Connections With Loved Ones

These days it is easy to connect with your loved ones. Friends and families can be united through social media. Get some fun into it – write a letter to your bestie. Fostering connections lead to a healthier life and make you feel happy.

4. Treat Yourself

Research suggests that grabbing your favorite food ones in a while increases the level of your happiness by many folds. How about eating your favorite chocolate or a spicy chat at the weekend? Every bite of that favorite food will make feel happier.

Let’s celebrate ‘Happy Me‘ Day!

5. Be Nice To Someone

Kick out the negative emotions as you go an extra mile for the good of others. Greet your peers, hug your parent’s goodnight, smile at a stranger, spend time with your spouse, or help someone. We bet a small deed of kindness will contribute to your mental health and you’ll be a happier person.

6. Make Feedback A Gift

Most often people dread feedbacks because they equate the comments with criticism and negativity. However, these notions can be a life-changing situation if you take them positively. Retool the feedback and gift it to yourself with best intensions. This will have a positive effect on your life and make you a better person.


7. Joy Of ‘Little Things’

What’s the definition of excitement for you?

A cup of masala chai?

Or a movie night with a bucket of popcorn?

Or a salon spree to pep you up?

Well, you can do it all. Those pecky things can give you joy for life. Studies show people who practice self-care are always happy.

8. Act Of Forgiveness

Let go your grudges and start fresh every morning. You’ll notice the difference you experience in your life. Don’t let others bother you, consider forgiveness as a gift to yourself, not for the person you’re trying to forgive.

Research has shown that releasing resentments is good for overall health benefits. It lowers your anxiety and makes you happier at heart.

9. Connect With Real World

Smartphones and gadgets have become our pals today. We cannot live a single moment without using be them. Isn’t it? But, have you tried to ditch those digital gadgets and tune on with the real world?

Have a conversation with your grandparents, arrange for a family gathering, or go out for a pleasant sunset walk. There’s so much to do and explore. Try it ones.

10. Declutter Your Space

Declutter your working arena. Neat and tidy working space will pep you up. A clean environment will energize you to start fresh with new challenges. It’s the key to be a happier person.


11. Kick Out All Negative Thoughts

Negative thought interferes with our happiness. If any negative emotion or thought is tinkering in your head, it’s best to throw it away. Remember the movie ‘Jab We Met’?

Pen down all toxic thoughts and names (even photos) of people who made you angry on a paper, crumple it, tear it and toss it in the bin. Studies have shown this practice to improve your health and well-being.

Give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose but the negativity.

12. Get Some Fresh Air

Ser out and get some fresh air. The scenic beauty of nature will relax you deep down and help you feel happier. The fresh oxygen in the atmosphere will keep you active all day. A petite dose of nature every day will work wonders.

13. Get Moving

Exercise has amazing mood-boosting powers. Don’t you guys agree? You don’t need to lift weights to be a happier person. All you need is a walk in the park, a jog with a friend or a few dances moves with your kiddos.

Is that too much to ask for?

exercise to be a happier person

14. Make Mindfulness A Practice

Practicing mindfulness allows you to surrender negativity, it allows you to live in the present moment and let go off the past. You feel relaxed in mind and body. That’s all you want to be a happier person, right?

15. Practice Self-Care

We always tend to neglect ourselves while we are looking after our work or homes. However, taking a break from our schedule and doing what we love is an important aspect to be enlighted and happy. Take a nap, play your favorite game, watch a movie, or read a book. Keep these stress-busting resources handy.

16. Learn To Control Your Anger

Little things often upset us and rob out the happiness within. Save your anger for the right moment, not to take revenge but to fight for injustice. Make use of anger to do good for someone.

17. Tune In Some Music

Rhythm and music play an important role in calming you down. It strikes a sense of happiness and cheers with every beat. Listen to as much music as you can because it will help you concentrate and vibe.

listening music to be a happier person

Now, it’s up to you how to experience a healthy transformation in yourself and explore the happier ‘you’!

Drop-in your tricks of staying happy below.