How To Deal With Anger? 19 Easy Tips To Tame Your Temper

Does your heart rate go high when your child makes a mess at the dinner table? Do you fume when someone passes a sarcastic comment? Do you feel like slapping someone hard in the face when you’re angry? Yes! We all do that. Anger is a healthy emotion if we know how to deal with anger. Uncontrolled anger can take your health and relationships for a toll.

Let’s face it, anger is unavoidable!

Before it escalates, try and control it!

Taming down your temper can be challenging. Use these anger management tips to chill and think before you leap.

Effective And Simple Tips To Deal With Anger

1. Deep Breathing

At times when you become angry, your body is under stress. Take three deep breaths to calm you down. Deep breathing is an effective way to lower your internal anger meter. It turns a bad mood around instantly.

2. Count Down

The first thing you should do to tame your temper is count to 10. If you’re really crazy and mad at somebody, start counting backward from 100. It will take you time to count; meanwhile, your anger will likely subside. You can also try counting your heartbeats.

count down - deal with anger

3. Think Before You Speak

Anger is an emotion which makes you speak the most unwanted things. Don’t regret for the loss made in anger moments. Take a pause, collect your thoughts and then speak. Try to understand others perception or involve others before you say anything.

4. Express Your Anger

Once you’ve calmed down, think clearly and express your feelings in a positive and constructive way. Avoid losing your temper again. Keeping things within will lead to piling up of negative sentiments and the smallest instigation will result in an angry outburst. So talk it out.

5. Walk Away

When you’re all heated up you often say many brutal things that you intend to. To avoid such situation walk away from the spot. Relax yourself contemplate your thoughts and then say what you have to.

6. Identify Possible Solutions

Finding possible solutions to the problem that made you angry is what you should do. Is your spouse late for supper every evening? Try scheduling meals late at night or agree upon having meals on your own. Does your maid take leaves often? Ask what the issue is and come up with an agreement. Remember anger cannot fix things, it makes them even worse.

Deal with anger 1

7. Contemplate

Quiet often anger is a result of other emotions like frustration, humiliation, insecurity, loss of control, vulnerability, or hurt. Try to figure out the root cause of your resentment and you’ll know how to deal with anger.

8. Practice Gratitude

There are moments when everything seems so incorrect. In such times you must focus and the many good things that have happened in your life. This will help you neutralize your anger and come up with effective solutions.

9. Know The Signs Of Anger

Before you freak out pay keen attention to various signs of escalating anger. Clenched fists, sweating, trembling, or flushing is the common warning signs. If you experience any of these, close your eyes, and do deep breathing for a while. This is another effective way to deal with anger.

10. Play Some Tunes

Music is something that inculcates positive vibes in you. Plugin your earphones and listen to music to sashay your anger away. Avoid heavy metal tunes.

listen to music

11. Get Some Exercise

Workout, however little it might be, helps release stress. You’ll instantly feel better and gain control over a situation. So whenever you feel the surge of fury, hop out of bed and do some exercise.

12. Get Creative To Deal With Anger

Creativity is the key to deal with anger situations. When you’re out of control and there is no immediate solution to it, focus on doing something creative. Like drawing and coloring a mandala, writing a poem or story, designing your festive dress, or painting your emotions on a canvas. It’s a great option to let out your angst.

13. Practice Relaxation

During an outburst of rage, put relaxation techniques to work. All you have to practice is deep breathing exercises, chant a few mantras, or listen to calming music. A few yoga poses may also do the trick. Meditation helps you gain much better control over your emotions.

meditate to deal with anger

14. Laugh Out Loud

If you’re mad at someone to diffuse your anguish with some humor. If you’re dealing with someone who is angry at you, find a way to make them laugh. Watch a comedy movie together, take pictures in silly poses, give a tight hug, or hide a secret gift under the pillow. Avoid sarcasm in any case as it can hurt feeling and worsen the situation.

15. Understand Your Anger

Track down the clues that trigger your anger. It may be a situation or a person but if you’re aware of them you can avoid them in the future. You’ll have time to anticipate them in advance and see to it that such events or people don’t upset you.

16. Talk To A Friend

Vent out your feeling by talking to a supportive friend. Someone you can trust and who can provide a positive perspective on the whole scenario. Cry if you have to. This will release all negative emotions from your system.

friends deal with anger

17. Take A Timeout

Timeouts are very essential for kids and adults alike. When you face moments of stress or anger outburst give yourself a short break. A few moments of mindfulness or quiet time can help a lot. You’ll now be better prepared to handle any situation without getting irritated or mad.

18. Don’t Hold A Grudge

Forgiveness is an evident tool to deal with anger. Anger and negative feelings crowd out your positivity. If you let that happen you may be swallowed by your own bitterness and grief. Thus forgive and make a strong relationship to be a happier person.

19. Write A Forgiveness Letter Or E-Mail

The act of writing down a forgiveness letter will lighten your heart and make you feel better.  You don’t even have to post it. Just draft and delete. In case, you actually want to let the person know to post the letter or e-mail. Research shows this is another effective anger management technique you can practice.

Write a letter

Anger is an emotion which all of us experience time and again. However, the key is to deal with anger and not allow it to turn to outbursts. The above tips will help you deal with anger in a healthy manner.

If these don’t work, consult a professional to work out on emotional fronts.

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