Benefits Of Organic Food In Your Life || 14 Reasons To Go Organic!

Organic food has gained importance over time. Is organic food a healthier diet option? What are the benefits of organic food?

Going organic should be your choice. This food is chemical-free and thus boosts your overall health and strengthens the immune system. Some benefits are for you while others for the environment.

What Is Organic Food?

Foods prepared according to the set norms by the organic certifying body are organic foods. Generally, organic food is processed without the use of any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or preservatives.

Each country has its standards to label the food as organic. Watch out for the seal or logo to identify organic produce.

Benefits Of Organic Food

In general, organic food farmers, manufacturers, and consumers believe that organic food has many health benefits compared to conventional food products. These benefits of organic food are listed in the post below.

1. Nutrient-Denser Food

Research has shown that organic food is richer in nutrients as compared to its non-organic counterparts. The nutritional value of foods may vary with natural variation in food handling and production.

2. Improves Overall Health

Organic food is devoid of any chemical fertilizers and thus doesn’t harm the human body. Staying away from such strong chemicals helps to improve overall health. Organic farming involves the use of manure to grow food.

3. Boosts Your Immune System

Organic food help to boost the immune system. They are nutrient-dense and chemical-free foods that improve our health and keep us strong. Research is needed to prove its benefits on the immune system, but it definitely has some good properties.

benefits of organic food immunity

4. Prominent Antioxidant Capacity

Studies have shown a predominant effect if antioxidants when they come from organic sources. This may be because there is no negative interference of chemicals with the vitamins and minerals present in organic food. This helps in the prevention of cognitive malfunction, vision problems, and other signs of premature aging.

5. Reduced Nitrate Levels In Organic Food

Chemicals and fertilizers added to the crops increase nitrate levels in them. High nitrate levels cause cancers, methemoglobinemia, etc. Organic foods have 30% lower levels of nitrate making them healthy for all.

6. Improved Heart Condition

Grazing on natural pastures and grass is known to increase the concentration of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in the animals. Green grass readily absorbs energy from the sun through photosynthesis and boosts their CLA content.

Animals feed on free-range have an abundant quantity of this heart-healthy fat. Thus it’s beneficial to prevent most cardiovascular problems.

benefits of organic food heart health

7. It Tastes Better

Many people believe that organic food tastes better than conventional food. One reason may be the purity of organic produce and higher nutritive value that adds taste to the food. Furthermore, organic food is produced and sold at the local markets, resulting in the availability of fresh food to everyone. This does taste better than the frozen foods you’ve ever tasted. Now, all that junk will start having a bad after-taste eventually.

8. Improves Antibiotic Resistance

People are prone to many health issues and get quickly affected by microbes. To combat this it’s obvious to take antibiotics. However, we don’t realize that non-organic food sources like livestock use antibiotics to keeps their produce healthy. This might result in an overdose of pills and thereby weakens the immune system. Organic farmers do not use antibiotics as they raise their crops and dairy. This makes organic products a healthier option to consume.

9. Yes, It’s Cheaper In Long Term

Buying organic food may be an expensive errand. However, in terms of health, you’ll actually save money in several ways. Organic whole foods prevent major diseases and lower healthcare costs in the future.

We also save on money we spend on tons of junk food every day. Organic food has a high content of nutrition and thus keeps you full and satiated for long.


10. Safe From Dangerous Pesticides

Chemical pesticides intake has been linked to the development of cancers, infertility, convulsions, immune and endocrine disorders, digestive dysfunctions, headaches, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, birth defects, depression, and even premature death. Just to name a few!

Organic foods are devoid of pesticides and thus helps improve overall health, especially children during their developmental ages. Go organic now!

11. Safe From Other Harmful Substances

Organic food is free from many other unwanted chemicals. Things like chemical fertilizers, food fertilized with sewer sludge, genetically engineered foods, synthetic hormones, and appetite enhancers given to livestock are not found in organic produce.

12. Ensures Environmental Safety

You can help the environment getting free from all those chemicals and pollutants with organic farming. Thus with the use of this technique, we ensure healthy living to the future generations to come. A safe environment leads to a healthy lifestyle.

13. Promotes Animal Welfare

Consuming animal that feeds on open lands and organic grass gives a sense of happiness to all. Animal welfare is a crucial aspect of obtaining animal-based organic produce like organic milk, organic poultry, organic meat, and organic fish.

organic farming

14. Peace of Mind

Knowing about the various benefits of organic food can help you to enjoy whatever you eat. It ignites a feeling of freshness amongst all. All the reasons listed above will help you embrace organic farming and give you real peace of mind without any guilt of harming society.

Go Organic! Live a Healthy Life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, looking at the benefits of organic food on overall health we can term organic food as healthy.

Is organic food pesticide-free?

Is organic food good for Health?

Organic farming does involve using pesticides but these are naturally-derived. Natural pesticides are believed to be less toxic as compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Where can I buy organic food?

The best places to buy organic food are:

  • Directly from an organic farm
  • Local organic food markets
  • Health food retail chains or stores
  • Online

How do I know something is organic?

Organic farmers and manufacturers put a logo on their products stating that their products are certified organic. Look out for the logo and read the labels.

Is organic food more expensive?

Yes, organic food may cost 20% to 100% higher than conventional food. However, it’s worth the cause.

Can I produce it in my garden or farm?

Organic gardening is becoming a popular hobby among many people. Grow fresh food in your garden and enjoy the benefits of organic food.