7 Health Benefits Of Iced Tea & Other Things You Need To Know About It

Who doesn’t wish to get health benefits from everything? Every one of us right and if we get to know that a particular food item or an ingredient has got some really amazing health benefits, then we tend to overuse it.  But it is a common myth that everything healthy is not tasty. Iced tea is one such a refreshing, tasty item that also has got some really lesser known amazing health benefits which we think that everyone should know about. So, here we present you with the amazing benefits of iced tea.

It is a universal fact that tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. But considering the healthy tea options, iced tea comes in the front row.

Benefits Of Iced Tea

1. Helps You To Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the worst conditions. It is a hell out of a condition which makes the sufferer strives hard for hydration. Many sources suggest that iced tea is one of the best sources for hydration and one can easily consider taking iced tea. But you should also remember that this option is always next to the water. This tasty, cool beverage with health benefits can definitely be your best choice during summers.

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2. Helps In Boosting Antioxidants

Antioxidants are most importantly required these days. These are the plant compounds that fight the cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Research suggests that tea contains 10 times more antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables which makes it an obviously healthy option that we would be dying to take.

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3. Good For Your Teeth

This is considered as one of the wonderful benefits of iced tea. It is actually not only good for your health, but also for your teeth. Not all the cold beverages are considered healthy for your teeth or good for your teeth as they may damage your teeth enamel, but iced tea is not anything like that and is, in fact, good for your teeth. It helps in preventing tooth loss, and cavities.   

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4. Source Of Manganese

This is probably one of the very lesser known benefits of iced tea as it also provides a surprise dose of manganese. A certain dose of manganese is definitely required for both men and women and this iced tea is considered as the best source of manganese which makes it the most health benefited item to take. Manganese promotes in healthy wound healing, also helps in maintaining the strength of the bones and thus supports your metabolism.

5. Good For Your Heart

There are a lot of things related to the heart and tea. It is especially considered as healthy for the heart as well which makes it a must-have item in everyday routine. This iced tea is said to have reduced risks in heart patients which is a good change in fact.

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6. Chills The Nerves

This is another interesting benefits of iced tea that you must know about. The researchers reveal that people who take iced tea can more easily get distressed after a stressful event. They will have lower levels of stress compared to those of others. This is another reasonable reason to include iced tea in your everyday routine. The stressful life definitely needs a cup of iced tea to cool down the nerves.

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7. Low In Sugar And Calories

Is iced tea fattening?, Is iced tea good for weight loss? These are probably the most questioned things that one may wish to know the answers to these questions. Then one must, first of all, know that the unsweetened iced tea contains really low calories and sugar. So, it is always recommended to switch using to unsweetened iced tea. Benefits of sweetened iced tea will definitely not include the weight loss one whereas the unsweetened iced tea due to its low calories gives an opportunity at least not to gain extra calories.

 Some Disadvantages Of Iced Tea

After knowing all these amazing benefits of iced tea Lipton, Nestea, Snapple etc are the options available in front of you. But it is also required to know and clarify some of the doubts regarding the iced tea. So, here we clarify some of them for you.

1. Is iced tea bad for your kidneys?

Yes, it is known that too much consumption of iced tea causes kidney failure. Drinking iced tea as explained all through until now is good for you as it has got some amazing health benefits as mentioned above, but too much of anything is bad. In the same way, too much of iced tea can cause kidney failure.

2. Not Good For Diabetics

Not all types of iced teas are bad for the people with diabetes, but certain types of iced teas contain too many sweeteners which are not considered healthy and advised for the diabetics. Whereas unsweetened iced tea is definitely great option always. Sweetened iced tea is not good for normal people as well. So, regardless of your condition, you must prefer taking unsweetened iced tea or just have some honey added iced tea.

These are probably some of the really horrible side effects of iced tea that may outline the health benefits of the iced tea. But considering its uses, one can definitely choose it to consume it on a limited basis.

You can make iced tea by brewing tea in the traditional and well-known way and then add ice to make it cool or simply allow it to cool, or also choose to make sun tea. Make your own type of tea, whether a true tea or a herb tea according to your choice, availability of ingredients etc.

You can bring out the crazy side inside you and make your own type of iced tea as you like to have it. Always remember the benefits are benefits and will be useful on a limited intake.

Switch to iced tea from any other more unhealthy beverages.