10 Health Benefits of Ghee – Here Is What Ghee Does To Your Body

Most people are following health trends like ketogenic diets and more; consumption of healthy fats play an important role in your diet. Alongside the popular healthy fat foods like coconut oil and olive oil, ghee is one ancient food that is making a comeback in diet plans. Health benefits of ghee are always a topic of debate amongst nutritionist and fitness trainers.

Ghee is a delicious alternative to butter but can be dangerous for people with higher cholesterol levels. However, our body does need fats to function properly. Ghee provides these healthy fats to restore the functioning of the body when consumed in moderation.

Ghee is used in various culinary preparations and is an Ayurvedic staple since thousands of years used for healing purposes. Are you looking for the best healing foods? Ghee is something you must add to your pantry.

Ghee is a treat in India while the western countries have defamed it in the name of unhealthy foods. However, below we will see the various health benefits of ghee which makes it fit for consumption (in moderate portions). Keep reading to know more about this super healthy fat.

What Is Ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter (short grass-fed butter) produced by simmering butter to remove milk solids and water content. Ghee is simmered for long durations to enhance the nutty flavor of butter and is left with a high smoke point. This means that ghee can be heated to a higher temperature before it burns. Pure desi ghee is abundant in essential fatty acids and vitamins to show its health benefits. Beyond the kitchen, ghee finds an important place in beauty and hair care regimens too.


Nutritional Value Of Ghee

Ghee is rich in healthy fats and several fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, and K. One tablespoon of pure ghee contains:

  • Calories – 112
  • Carbohydrate – 0 g
  • Protein – 0 g
  • Fat – 12.7 g
  • Fiber – 0 g
  • Retinol or Vitamin A – 391 IU (8 percent DV)
  • Tocopherol or Vitamin E – 0.4 mg (2 percent DV)
  • Vitamin K – 1.1 μg (1 percent DV)

Ghee also contains conjugated linoleic acid and butyric acid which have positive health effects on the body.

Benefits Of Ghee

Let’s take a closer look into how this ancient food contributes to human health.

1. High Smoke Point

The smoke point is the temperature at which fat burns and begins to smoke. Heating a cooking fat above its smoke point leads to the breakdown of phytonutrients and oxidize to harmful free radicals. Ghee is an ideal choice for cooking and sautéing because of its high smoke point.

2. Boost Energy

Ghee is considered as a good source of energy. It contains short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids which can be absorbed directly into the liver and converted to energy. Breastfeeding moms are fed laddoos made of desi ghee to boost her energy levels. Athletes also include small portions of ghee in their diet.

benefits of ghee - boosts energy

3. Benefits of Ghee for Milk Allergy

Ghee is free of lactose and casein protein. People who are lactose intolerant (have difficulty in digesting milk sugar lactose) and casein hypersensitive can enjoy ghee in their diet. Ghee is devoid of dairy solids and this shows no allergy in otherwise intolerant individuals.

4. Helps Weight Loss

Are you on a weight loss spree? Have you heard people cut off all fats from the meals? We have good news for you. Eat fat to kill fat!

Curious about how to use ghee for healthy weight loss?

Avoid all bad fats like vegetable oils, processed, and junk foods and include healthy fats like ghee in your food.

slim belly

5. Improves Intestinal Health

Ghee is rich in butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid which helps to boost your gut health. Research suggests that butyric acid boosts insulin levels, fights off inflammation and provides gastrointestinal relief. The cell linings of colon use this fatty acid as a source of energy.

6. Builds Stronger Bones

Vitamin K2 present in ghee is beneficial to improve bone health. Vitamin K is involved in bone metabolism and helps proper utilization of calcium to strengthen the bones. It also prevents tooth decay and atherosclerosis (calcification of arteries).

7. Supports Immune system

The butyric acid in ghee is a crucial compound that boosts your immune system. Ghee keeps you warm from within. It’s the best winter food. It prevents cold and flu. If you have clogged nose, ghee is the best remedy.

Pour a few drops of warm, pure cow ghee into the nostrils, first thing in the morning to get quick relief and soothe the infection.

8. Benefits of Ghee For Cardiovascular Health

Ghee does contain saturated fats that may be unhealthy if consumed too much. But, it is also rich in healthy amino acids that benefit the heart. It is a safer option compared to refined or industrial vegetable oil. The medium-chain fatty acids are utilized as energy and not stored as fat in the body. Thus ghee prevents the risk of many heart diseases.

9. Bid Adieu To Specks

Ghee contains good amounts of vitamin A which is an idea for eye health. Carotenoids are antioxidants that work to eliminate and neutralize free radicals that attack your eye. This prevents macular degeneration and development of cataracts.

Want to improve your vision – Eat Ghee (in moderation).

benefits of ghee - eyesight

10. Beauty Benefits Of Ghee For Skin And Hair

Ghee is used in many beauty treatments and natural remedies since time immemorial. The vital fatty acids nourish the skin, provide hydration, even out the skin tone and slow down signs of aging. It suits sensitive skin also. Ghee conditions the hair from root to tip, promotes hair growth, fights split ends and makes hair manageable.


Disadvantages Of Ghee 

The only disadvantage of ghee is, if you consume more ghee than the above-said quantities it will add up to your belly fat. Increase in obesity can then lead to various health problems. Limit intake of ghee to 1 tablespoon every meal and stay at the top of your health.

Disadvantage of ghee

We hope that we have given you a clear view of the effects of ghee on the body. Having known the many benefits of ghee you should start adding it to your eating plans.

Enjoy the delicious food with the buttery nutty flavor of ghee!

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