Easy 15 minutes Meditation Techniques For Stress Free Life

We are living in an era of technology, stress, and never-ending expectation. There is so much to achieve and yet so little time. In this rat race, we almost forget to take care of ourselves. Meditation can be a key to living healthy and stress-free. It is often considered a boon to healing our mind, body, and soul. Becoming familiar with the practices of mindfulness can be a blissful experience. Let’s harvest the goodness of the 15 minutes Meditation Techniques today and experience the best of it tomorrow.

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Benefits Of Meditation

  • Reduces Stress: Regular meditation practices can help to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Sound meditation, mantra chants, etc. are some styles of meditation that can help reducing stress and anxiety-related health issues.
  • Promotes Emotional Health: Transcending meditation, Vedic Mediations, and some other forms of meditation can inculcate a positive outlook on life and improve depression.
  • Improves Concentration: Meditation techniques improve and lengthen your concentration and attention span. 15 minutes meditation techniques daily can show a great effect on your ability to concentrate.
  • Improves Sleep: A runway of thoughts and stress can interfere with your sleep patterns. Meditation can help you relax and reduce the time for you to fall asleep and improve your sleep quality.
  • Enhances Self-Awareness: Relaxation techniques can help you know yourself. It also induces positive behavioral changes in you.
  • Induces Kindness: Loving-kindness meditation technique or Metta meditation is a practice that increases positivity, empathy, and kindness towards self and others.
  • Reduces Age-Related Memory Loss: Meditation improves your ability to focus, enhances your memory, and shows long-term benefits to fight age-related memory loss and dementia.
  • Helps Pain Management: Mindfulness diminishes the perception of pain in the brain. Thus, simple 15 minutes of meditation techniques can supplement physical therapy and medical care to control chronic pain.
  • Helps to Fight Addictions: One can improve their willpower and mental discipline by doing easy and regular meditation. It can help you recover from addiction and redirect unwanted habits.

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 “Meditaion brings wisdom, lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom!”

Having known the importance and benefits of 15 minutes meditation techniques, we bring some easy meditation practices for you to lead a stress-free life.

Before we discuss the self-transforming meditation and relaxation techniques here are some key points you should consider to help, you practice meditation –

  • Follow a schedule while you choose to meditate.  Meditation in mornings is better if you have the time to do so. Alternatively, you may meditate in the evening or before going to bed. Remember to stick to your schedule every day.
  • Be patient and don’t lose hope. You cannot expect to see overnight results. Relax and keep your goals simple. Start meditating without thoughts full of expectations. Do it regularly and enjoy the feeling of calmness and mindfulness.
  • Don’t try forcing your thoughts out at the start. Having a ‘thoughtless’ meditation is a task, and you’ll need the practice to read that stage. So don’t beat yourself up if your meditation process is by far accompanied by thoughts.
  • Keep your spirits high. Continue meditation regularly, and you will notice the difference.

List of Meditation Techniques

All set to begin your transformation? Here are a few Meditation techniques which you can do within 15 minutes. Take a peek.

Breath Counting Meditation

The first of the 15 minutes meditation techniques is quite simple and easy to do. All you have to do is to count numbers as you breathe. You inhale count 1 in your mind, count 2 as you exhale. So on and so forth continue with counting numbers as you push out other thoughts and become aware of each breath.

What’s best is that you can time the meditation as per your schedule and convenience – 5 to 15 minutes. This type of meditation helps to improve concentration, reduces anxiety, and enhances emotional control.

Chakra Meditation

In this meditation style, the goal of the practitioner is to strengthen the 7 chakras in our body. These chakras are force centers of our body that receive, transmit and process life energies.

Chakra meditation strengthens the physical, spiritual, and emotional energies in our body. This technique is done by chanting mantra for each chakra while exhaling (lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, om).

Chakra Meditation

Kirtan Kriya Meditation

This style of meditation is one of the Kundalini Yog Practices, which makes use of chants, mudras, and music therapy to relaxing your body. The meditation revolves around the chanting of 4 Sanskrit sounds – Sa Ta Na Ma – which translates to birth, life, death, and rebirth.

It is a mix of breathing, energization, and mindfulness exercises that help you release stress. It’s best suited for people who seek devotional and spiritual aspects of meditation. The best part is, it takes just 11 minutes flat!

15 minutes meditation techniques

Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga)

Nada yoga focusses on various sounds that calm you. You start with a meditation on calming music whereby you focus on the beats of the music and listen quietly. When you practice this daily, your mind evolves to hearing nature sounds and internal sounds of your body and mind.

The ultimate goal of this type of meditation is to hear the Para Nada, the Ultimate Sound. It manifests as a sound without any vibration, OM.

Mandala Art

You’ll think we are joking here. But, you can bank on us when we say that a book of Mandala can help you meditate. Meditation doesn’t only mean chanting mantras and focus on breathing. Drawing and coloring Mandalas unlocks your creativity and soothes your mind.

An intricate design many takes hours to complete, but you don’t need to do that. Schedule your mandala meditation for 5 – 10 minutes a day and see what difference it brings in your life. You’ll improve your concentration.

15 minutes meditation techniques - art

In a nutshell, meditation helps you become a better person in health and performance. All you need to practice is staying still and focusing on your breathing for 15 – 20 minutes a day. There are many resources available online which supply guided meditations to help you relieve stress.

It’s time to improve the quality of your life, mental and emotional health.

How many of you will try these 15 minutes of meditation techniques?